With the growth of the internet and the increase in the number of connected devices and services the concern over data protection from an endless list of security breaches. Security solutions are continuously being developed as well as hackers skills and technics keep evolving. Their objectives are primarily focused around disrupting service for clients, companies, entities or organizations that they don’t agree with for various reasons, commercial, personal, political etc.

Big investments are being allocated for information & physical security around the globe, to counter for mishaps and to mitigate risks, besides that lots of money is being spent on tightening security compliances and controls.

BDTS considers Security as one of its 2 pillars and developed a vendor agnostic practice that offers the market a range of security services and products.

Security Services (Consultancy & Deployment)

  • Application Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Vulnerability & Risk Management
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Web And Email Security Gateways
  • Email Protection & Archiving As a Service
  • Network Protection & Behavioral Analysis
  • Cloud Based DDOS Protection
  • Incident Management & Visibility
  • Endpoint Security
  • Identity Based Networking & Access Management
  • Data Encryption, RMS& DLP